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Community Supervisor


The Community Supervisor is responsible for managing two or more of the Agency’s residential homes. This includes all operational, managerial, regulatory and fiscal responsibilities in the running of the residences, including 24-hour on-call responsibility to ensure appropriate care, protective oversight, safety and health requirements of the individuals in the program. Is responsible to maintain the physical environment of the home, ensuring it is well-kept and that all regulatory requirements are being met. Ensures that services are delivered in a manner that is responsive to interests and desires of each individual and his/her family. Participates in Staff Action Plan and Life Plan meetings and provides a leadership and decision-making role for individuals and their families. Ensures direct support staff complete all required training. Verifies service delivery and ensures valued outcomes. Serves as program liaison within and between Agency, family, advocates and other programs and providers of services. Serves as advocate and provider for all issues pertaining to the individual receiving the services. Responsible for all aspects of staffing, observes and works with staff to implement universal procedures and ensures compliance with all applicable regulations and Agency policies. The Community Supervisor assists with department development and expansion, policy development, hiring and evaluating subordinates.


Minimum Education and Experience:

• Bachelor’s Degree in a Human Services discipline preferred or five years in a supervisory role for a residential program.

• At least three years of experience in the field of Developmental Disabilities with at least one year experience leading a community residence or group of residences.


Responsibilities include:

• Responsible for all aspects of staffing, observes and assists subordinates to implement Agency procedures, and ensures compliance with all applicable regulations and Agency policies.

• Provides overall supervision to residence staff and ensures supervision of each shift.

• Responsible for scheduling staff, modifying staff schedules as needed, and utilizing the SUBZZ system to fill staffing deficiencies with DSP Subs and reduce overtime.

• Oversees scheduled work assignments and adjusts as needed.

• Interviews, hires, orients, evaluates work of, and recommends discipline of subordinate staff.

• Participates in on-site training for new hires as needed.

• Approves weekly timecards for assigned staff in KRONOS and resolves issues in a timely manner.

• Ensures staff follows time and attendance standards, monitors time and attendance on a regular basis, and approves time requests promptly.

• Submits reviewable incident reports and ensures additional training is provided to staff if needed.

• Develops and ensures implementation of Staff Action Plans.

• Participates in Life Plan meetings and takes a leadership role by providing guidance, facilitating decision making, and relaying any pertinent information in a timely manner.

• Writes monthly notes and submits to Assistant Director for review.

• Participates in coordinating clinical services for individuals in assigned community.

• Verifies accurate daily documentation is completed.

• Completes monthly notes for each individual in MediSked and submits to Assistant Director.

• Reviews and signs off on other routine records/paperwork required.

• Ensures that the personal hygiene needs of the individuals e.g. toileting, bathing and changing as situation warrants are being met.

• Knows, understands and follows the DSP Code of Ethics and prevents, recognizes and reports abuse.

• Conducts monthly individual supervisory meetings with subordinates in order to discuss program, personnel or training needs, and assess their performance.

• Responsible for adhering to budgetary guidelines for their program in areas of food, household and recreation.

• Creates requisitions in Spendmap.

• Handles the individuals’ personal finances and ensures money secured and stored in the safe. Uses QuickBooks to update ledgers and maintains house petty cash.

• Maintains AMAP, CPR/First Aid and SCIP certifications and ensures all staff receives and maintains all certifications/required trainings. Registers staff through Relias.

• Responsible for conducting driving training for new hires.

• Advocates on behalf of the individuals in relation to health care providers, local businesses, employers, transportation providers, social groups etc.

• Conducts monthly staff meetings with all direct support staff.

• Ensures that all staff are coordinating their efforts in order to complete such routine household tasks as laundry, meal preparation in accordance with the menu, shopping, cooking, etc. with the goal of increasing independence of the individuals in performing these functions.

• Responsible for conducting fire drills based on agency requirements and working with Assistant Director to address shortfalls.

• Ensures transportation of the individuals to and from recreational or social programs, work, school, etc. as required.

• On call with responsibility for assigned programs on a 24-hour basis per On Call Structure.

• Attends Management meetings as scheduled.

• Expected to maintain confidentiality.



The Arc Rockland is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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