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"Who" Cares ? - Anne Martial


anneAnne Martial has known for many years that she was meant to work in a “caring” profession.

“It started when I took a class at a home healthcare agency in Spring Valley,” she explains. “I worked for them, and then for 12 years at Sunrise, an assisted living residence in New City, and eight years at United Hospice of Rockland. I felt that helping people was the best kind of work I could do with my life.”
In July, 2015, Ms. Martial began working at The Arc Rockland as a Direct Support Professional in one of the agency’s residences, where she helps care for women ranging in age from their 40s to their 80s. She and the residents bonded almost immediately.
“They are like members of my family,” she says. “I truly love being with them. I cook for them the way I cook for my family. I drive them to activities, help them whenever they need help, and share experiences with them. When they are at an activity or a trip, I love sitting together with them, talking, playing, laughing...”

Her supervisor, Residence Manager Tonja Willis, praises Ms. Martial’s upbeat personality and the way she interacts with everyone else at the residence.

“Anne is always happy,” says Ms. Willis. “She comes to work with a positive attitude. She never says no. She takes a personal interest in each of the residents and is concerned about everyone. For example, one of the women was upset because a friend of hers had passed away. She was angry with the world and sad and didn’t want to talk to any of us. But Anne went up to the woman’s room and consoled her. She gave the woman a chance to express her feelings. Then she took her out for dinner so they could talk, one-on-one. When they returned, the woman was able to smile again. She had a different attitude and was so thankful. She said, ‘I really needed that.’ Anne had shown her how to deal with the loss.”

Ms. Martial returns the praise. “The residence manager is special. I have learned a lot from her and from my work here at The Arc Rockland, and I have made some wonderful friends."

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