Family Service Coordination

At The Arc of Rockland, we appreciate that people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities are members of families—what affects one person affects each member of the family. Our focus on families means that we work hand-in-hand with individuals, their parents and siblings. With the help of ARC professionals, people learn about services, finances, programs and opportunities designed to enhance their lives. While needs and goals vary, every person affiliated with The Arc  Rockland is a valued member of The Arc Rockland extended family.

Service Coordination

Getting to know you—that is the responsibility of the Service Coordinator. A skilled professional meets with an individual and his or her family members on an ongoing basis. Visits to the family home and frequent conversations enable the Service Coordinator to help identify needs and aspirations from which a plan of action is developed. Perhaps you have questions about Medicaid eligibility or Social Security Disability benefits? Employment opportunities? Continuing education? Housing? Recreation? Health concerns? Whatever the issue, whether it concerns a child or an adult, the Service Coordinator is the point-person through which families traverse the sometimes baffling array of offerings, opportunities and acronyms. In the quest to find appropriate solutions, the Service Coordinator will stand by your side every step of the way.

Educational Advocacy

Parents want what is best for their child in terms of education. For children with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, education often includes assistance from a variety of sources. Parents may rely on a skilled professional to help them advocate for the educational services and supports they believe are appropriate. We understand fully the New York State Special Education regulations and requirements.

Sibling Support

Brothers and sisters of children with disabilities share games, crafts, outings, snacks and conversation. Under professional guidance, children ages 5-12 have a terrific time with peers who share their life’s experiences through discussion of some of the challenges they face as siblings of youngsters with disabilities.

Family Education

Each family is different and every family has different needs. An Arc professional provides families with information to help them cope better on the home front. For one family it may mean locating the right specialist. For another it may be the need to secure legal guardianship. Still another family might require some guidance in navigating the Medicaid and Social Security system. Knowing what services are available and how to access those services can make life a little easier. From educational advocacy to assistance with money management, from applying for legal guardianship to assistance with behavior training, Family Education is an all encompassing service.

By New York State law, a parent is the natural guardian of his or her child until the child reaches age 18. Once a child is 18, a parent or sibling or another potential guardian must petition the Surrogate’s Court to grant guardianship status in connection with the adult with disabilities. Through a comprehensive Guardianship Training program, The Arc professionals assist families in completing the paper work necessary to petition the court for legal guardianship. Guardianship Training sessions take place quarterly at The Arc Rockland headquarters in Congers.

The move from childhood to the adult world is never easy. For a person with an intellectual or other developmental disability, the challenges may be especially daunting. Hence—the need to begin looking towards the future while still in high school. Transition Planning should take into account social, medical, educational and employment needs and expectations. The Arc works with students and their families from exploring possible career choices, educational options, recreational and social interests and offerings, to participating in volunteer opportunities throughout the County and neighboring communities.

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