This is the place where friendly faces gather around the dinner table, where holidays are celebrated together and guests and family are always welcome. Home is the place where people share the ups and downs of life, where mutual respect and camaraderie are the expectation. Home is where the heart is.

Community Residences

Our lovely, immaculate homes supervised by The Arc Rockland professional staff members are situated in neighborhoods throughout theCounty. Each living environment is home to a small group of people whose ages, interest and levels of ability are similar. A ranch-style house in a suburban setting may be prefect for people with physical challenges. A home  or apartment within walking distance to restaurants and movie theaters may be just the thing for a few young friends who wish to live together.

Access to public transportation, proximity to the local library and the distance to the nearest supermarket are issues worthy of consideration when choosing a home. The Arc listens to the needs of the individual. Then—and only then—The Arc sets out to create the appropriate living arrangement. Highly skilled and qualified staff members supervise residences around the clock or as needed and transport people to and from medical and dental appointments and recreational activities and events.

Leisure Activities

Backyard barbecues, birthday celebrations, vacations, attendance at houses of worship, trips to the supermarket, the mall, the movie theatre, the coffee shop—these are components of life at home.  The people who work in the home assist residents in pursuing individual interests and hobbies at home and in the community. Many people who live in one of The Arcresidences also enjoy the range of activities, classes, courses, trips and events offered through The Arc Rockland’s Recreation Division.

Residential Habilitation

For some adults with intellectual or other developmental disabilities, living on one’s own with minimal supervision is a viable option. Some guidance with bill paying, suggestions for meal planning, oversight where banking is concerned may be all that is necessary to keep home life running smoothly. Through The Arc’s Residential Habilitation Division, skilled staff members  meet regularly with people who live on their own or in the family home to help them master the skills necessary for independence.


Staff members representing the range of  The Arc's programs and services are pared with homes. Crafts projects,  cooking classes,  shared dinners and gardening are among the activities that build friendships among The Arc employees and people who live in our homes.

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