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Who We Are

Founded by a small group of dedicated parents in 1954 as the first non-profit organization of its kind in Rockland County, Today,  The Arc Rockland provides supports and services to more than 1,200 children and adults  with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

In addition, we are a key resource for information and referral regarding supports and services throughout the county, state and country. We are one of more than 40 chapters of  The Arc's statewide organization, and we are affiliated with the national organization of The Arc. Together, we speak in a strong and united voice as advocates for the rights of people with disabilities.

The Arc Rockland is proud of our active volunteer Board of Directors and  Foundation Board,  the members of which join with our professional staff and families to spread the word about the rights, responsibilities and capabilities of the people who count on us every day.

Annual Report

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The ARC Rockland Board of Directors | 2017-2018

Jackie Curtiss: President

Karen Feinstein: First Vice President

John M. Smith: Treasurer

Edward Raush: Assistant Treasurer

Lynda Meltzer: Secretary

Dian Cifuni: Assistant Secretary


Susan Conklin

Sonia Crannage, Esq.

Audrey H. McCue

Rita Rameau

Gisela D. Schmidt

Richard Sirota

Audrey A.Tarantino

Honorary Director

Jennifer Paretti, Esq.

Director Emeritus

Hon. Thomas Zugibe



Hon. Henry Gruffi

Irving Caminsky, PhD

Katherine Kavountzis

Doris Skrzec


Mission Statement 

Empower the people we support to make personal choices and realize dreams by providing them with resources to participate fully in community life.


Our Vision

We believe that people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities are productive and contributing members of our community. We believe they are entitled to the same rights and privileges afforded to all citizens; that they should have choices in determining the quality of their lives, and that they should have a sufficient and appropriate support system to assist them.


Declaration of Values 

People we serve come first

We believe the health, welfare, safety, potential for growth and choices of the people we serve are the first considerations in every decision. We are committed to ensure that people with developmental disabilities have the right to live a lifestyle which is personally meaningful.  

Families are key

We believe that families are central to the supports and services that we provide. Families play a significant leadership role in providing direction to the agency and to the services provided to their family members.   

Staff are important

We believe that every staff person has a vital role in achieving our mission. We are committed to providing staff with quality training, support and supervision in a productive and respectful atmosphere. We value each other's contributions.  

Self-esteem is the basis of success

We believe in developing and maintaining self-esteem through maximizing the competence and achievement of every individual. Fostering meaningful relationships in every environment and personal satisfaction for all are fundamental goals.  

Excellence is a continuous process

We believe in hard work, dedication, honesty, integrity, and mutual respect. We take responsibility for our own actions, seek solutions to difficult problems and strive for continuous quality improvement.

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