The Arc Rockland seniors are young at heart.

Visits to museums, local fairs, art classes, sites of historical interest; meeting friends from other senior organizations activities; enjoying lunch at area restaurants  are among the destinations for frequent outings.

Some  seniors begin the day at The Arc hubs in Suffern  Others are members of the hub at The Arc headquarters in Congers.  When they are not out on the town, seniors are cooking, crafting, gardening, painting, celebrating holidays and enjoying life.

Out and About 

We recently visited the Stony Point battlefield, a local farm,  dined at a restaurant with good friends, listened to speakers at nearby colleges, picked up seeds from a garden center and caught a couple of Broadway shows. Age is relative... and relatively speaking...we are in the prime of life.


It's never too late to learn. Guest speakers include experts on health care, the environment, safety, government and politics. Question and answer sessions engender lively discussions. Visitors from local schools and organizations are welcome guests.

Food for Thought 

In well appointed kitchens, The Arc seniors test new recipes and enjoy the sense of family that comes from preparing and sharing meals with friends. Staff members and seniors enjoy holiday celebrations with dishes representing a variety of interests and cultures.


College and graduate students are encouraged to apply for internships at The Arc Senior Center. It is a great opportunity to experience working with this population, and is a wonderful starting point for anyone interested in social work or recreational therapy.

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