Teens & Twenties

For people in this age group the name of the game is independence, socialization, and fun!

At The Arc Rockland we provide the well-supervised settings in which teens and twenty-somethings enjoy the company of peers while engaging in activities designed for social, emotional, and educational growth. Participants thrive on the sense of belonging and confidence that come from being part of a group. Lifelong friendships begin here.

Our year-round programming includes:

Teen Travelers

This group meets twice monthly on Saturdays or Sundays to provide respite for busy families and a day of enjoyment and adventure for young people ages 12-21. Travelers gather at Arc Headquarters in Congers before setting out together for an area museum, bowling, the movies, live theatre, the planetarium, snow tubing, the Bronx Zoo, dance classes at a local dance school, a sports center, lunch or dinner in a restaurant among other events and destinations. What could be better than good friends enjoying good times together while Mom and Dad have a brief respite?

School Vacation Teen Travelers

Five days of action and activities take place three times yearly during school vacations. Participants ages 12-21 meet at The Arc Rockland's  Prime Time for Kids before heading out for sites similar to those enjoyed by weekend Teen Travelers. There is always a stop for lunch at a local restaurant where teens find time to dine and socialize. 

The Twenties Connection

Karaoke, movie nights, dances, holiday bake-ins and a drama club are designed for young men and women transitioning from the teen years to adulthood.

20 Somethings Drama Club

For twenty-somethings who enjoy grease paint and floodlights this is the perfect choice. Whether you prefer being onstage or backstage, you will be a welcome member of the club. The group meets monthly at The Arc headquarters in Congers, NY and stages two major musical productions yearly.

Theme Parties

A disc jockey keeps things rockin' as young adults socialize during monthly soirees at ARC headquarters in Congers.

Bowling and Swimming

Sunday afternoon bowling at Hi-Tor Lanes in West Haverstraw, and monthly pool parties at Arc's indoor therapeutic pool in New City are opportunities to combine exercise with good times.

Teen Recreation

Monthly gatherings at The Arc Headquarters in Congers or at locations elsewhere in the county have teens dancing in the aisles. Pizza, potato chips, music and friendship are part of the package.


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